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Helping businesses develop “True Digital” business plans, wise Technology investments through a culture of Innovation.

Helping businesses discover “True Digital” advantage.

MacDaly True Digital brings innovation, modernization and operational excellence to businesses looking for agility and a competitve advantage

With a combined 20 years of experience in Strategy, Architecture, Site Reliability Engineering and a collaborative agile approach, our customers will realize the benefits to their bottom line

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Management Consulting Services


We will help you realize a Vision of what technology can do for you, your customers and your business. With the vision in hand, we can construct an aggresive but achievable plan to get there.

We ensure we’re at the top of the Technology “Super Car” curve trends so that you don’t have to.

Enterprise Architecture

Our goal is to help you create a Technology plan to help deliver on your Vision in the shortest time possible. The smartest spend on technology investments while making informed decisions to ensure you get the best value mark the key objectives of our “EA” consulting services. We’ll take your Vision of being the fastest and best Digital company out there to develop the blueprint of your Technology “Super Car”!

Site Reliability Engineering

If Enterprise Architecture is drafting the blueprints to your new Technology “Super Car” then Site Reliability Engineering represents the Master Technicians who keep everything running in top performance to ensure you meet your customers expectations. In “True Digital”, everything MUST work, always, to ensure they reach their destination.